WDG01 temperature sensor
  • WDG01 temperature sensor
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WDG01 temperature sensor


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WDG01 temperature sensor

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product description
◎Sensor based on temperature conversion resistance
◎Using four-wire wiring to collect signals, with high measurement accuracy
◎Wide temperature measurement range, strong anti-interference and anti-vibration shock ability
◎Widely used to monitor the temperature status of various types of traction motors
Environmental characteristics
◎Working temperature: -40℃~+250℃ (probe), -40℃~+150℃ (other parts)
◎Altitude: ≤2500m
◎Storage temperature: -40℃~45℃
◎Relative humidity: 0~100%
◎Vibration shock: Class 2 requirements in GB/T21563-2008
◎Protection level: IP68 (5bar, 1h)
technical parameter
◎Graduation number: Pt100 (IEC 60751)
◎Tolerance level: ±(1+|0.005t|)℃ (t is the measured temperature)
◎Temperature measurement range: -40℃~+250℃ (temperature measuring element Pt100)
◎Working current: ≤5mA
◎Output method: The sensor adopts four-wire wiring method for signal acquisition
◎Dielectric strength (output and shield and shell): AC 500V [50Hz 60s]
◎Insulation resistance (output and shielding and shell): ≥200MΩ (500V megohmmeter)

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