KLB-C-DC48 Insulation Monitoring Device
  • KLB-C-DC48 Insulation Monitoring Device
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KLB-C-DC48 Insulation Monitoring Device


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KLB-C-DC48 Insulation Monitoring Device

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Name: DC48V insulation monitoring device
Model: KLB-C-DC48

product description

The advantage of the DC48V insulation online monitoring device is that the neutral point circuit is used to avoid the unbalanced defect of the DC bus-to-ground insulation in the bridge circuit, and to ensure that the monitoring device correctly reflects the insulation condition of the train system; the touch screen monitors the occurrence of train failure events , it is convenient to analyze the running state of the train when there is leakage, and to ensure personal safety.


The 1.48V insulation monitoring device realizes the miniaturization, intelligence, integration and systematization of the electric control system of the bus.

The 2.48V insulation monitoring device monitors the parameters of the entire vehicle insulation system in real time, and performs protection actions in time when a fault occurs, avoiding serious consequences caused by untimely protection.

The 3.48V insulation monitoring device has the function of downloading or copying the stored data. In order to return to the warehouse for analysis and processing, and find insulation defects in time.

The 4.48V insulation monitoring device has a self-test button function, which can perform self-testing on the 48V insulation monitoring device to ensure the normal monitoring of the insulation testing device.

5.48V insulation monitoring device mainly has ten major functions: ①Self-inspection function; ②Positive line leakage alarm function; ③Negative line leakage alarm function; ④Positive and negative line leakage alarm function at the same time; Function; ⑦ silencer function; ⑧ alarm prompt function; ⑨ alarm data, record function; ⑩ power supply polarity reverse protection function.

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