ZTP-11 0.8KW 110V 3000R  D2/T2
  • ZTP-11 0.8KW 110V 3000R  D2/T2
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ZTP-11 0.8KW 110V 3000R D2/T2


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ZTP series railway DC motor motor introduction
    1. ZTP type DC auxiliary motor, dedicated to diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, hydraulic pumps, blowers, air compressors, auxiliary generators, tachogenerators and other auxiliary mechanical motors.
    2. This series of sima motors should be able to meet the general technical conditions of DC-assisted motors for railway locomotives, OXD.515.010-2001 or other special technical conditions.
The motor can withstand the shock and vibration generated by the normal operation of the locomotive, and the motor runs normally when rain, snow, wind and sand are attacked. Suitable for ambient temperature of -40 ° C ~ +45 ° C; altitude does not exceed 1200 m. More than 1200m to 4000m see the technical conditions.
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