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CX-6180/4395946/6003112110/6003117460/ Fleetguard FF5114 Fuel Filter
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Original Genuine Yuchai G5800-1105240C Fuel Diesel Pre-filter Filter Filter Element Filter
Model: Yuchai G5800-1105240C
OEM number: Yuchai G58001105240C
Application: Yuchai engine, generator set, etc.
Genuine Yuchai G5800-1105140C Fuel Diesel Filter Element Filter
C-4189/7111296/Donaldson P556245/Fleetguard FF167 fuel and diesel filter element
C-478/14514238/E1030K/1030/ Fleetguard FS19605 oil-water separator
Model: C-478
OEM number: 14514238, FS19605, E1030K, 1030
Application: Volvo, Liebherr, Liebherr excavator parts
C-473/Fleetguard FF5117/FF5156/FS19599 Fuel Diesel Filter Element Price
Model: C-473
OEM number: FF5117, FF5156, FS19599;
Application: Liebherr Liebherr LTM1160 mobile crane, Benz diesel engine parts
Jingfu C-453/100630 diesel fuel filter for engine parts
C-435/1R-0756/8N-9850/ Fleetguard FF5323 engine diesel fuel filter element
C-434/6610-72-8600/Fleetguard FF205 fuel and diesel filter element for excavator parts
C-433/7650050 fuel and diesel filter element filter
C-431/30862-10050/416505-02320/16444-Z9000/ Fleetguard FF5070 filter element
Model: C-431
OEM number: 30862-10050, FF5070, 416505-02320, 2451U197-2, 16444-Z9000
Application: KATO, Kobelco excavator diesel engine parts
C-429/65.12503-5004/3216593700/Fleetguard FF147 FF5054 fuel filter element
Model: C-429
OEM number: 65.12503-5004, FF147, FF5228, 3216593700, FF5054, 3132015R92
Application: Atlas Copco air compressor, Doosan, Daewoo, Komatsu Komatsu excavator parts
C-428/YT21P01006R100/4220900051/ Fleetguard ff5054 diesel fuel filter element
Model: C-428
OEM number: YT21P01006R100, 65.12503-5002, FF5054, 3216593600, 4220900051
Application: Kobelco, Doosan, Daewoo excavator, Atlas Copco air compressor, Mercedes Benz truck parts
C-426/1-13240194-0/1R-1804/ Fleetguard FF5363 diesel fuel filter element
Model: C-426
OEM number: 1-13240194-0,FF5363,1R-1804
Application: KATO, Caterpillar Caterpillar Excavator 3150/C6.6 engine parts
C-422/ME039816N diesel fuel filter element for HD820 HD921 excavator
Model: C-422
OEM number: ME039816N
Application: KATO Kato HD820 HD921 excavator, Mitsubishi diesel engine parts
ECX-6471/ Fleetguard FS1000 Cummins 3329289 oil-water separator
Model: ECX-6471
OEM number: FS1000,3329289
Application: Cummins engine, Terex crane, Caterpillar Caterpillar accessories
EC-4275/8980742880/Fleetguard FF269 fuel and diesel filter element for truck parts
EC-4245/4642641/87365565/32925838/Fleetguard FF5795 diesel filter element
Model: EC-4245
OEM number: 4642641,FF5795,KHH-0534,8-98008840-0,87365565,32925838
Application: Hitachi Zaxis Hitachi, Sumitomo Sumitomo, Case Case, JCB excavator diesel engine parts
EC-4219/Fleetguard FF5405 diesel fuel filter for truck crane crawler crane
CX-6617/2992662/ Fleetguard FS19821 fuel diesel filter oil-water separator
Model: CX-6617
OEM number: 2992662, FS19821
Application: Iveco truck diesel engine parts
CX-6612/32925869/Fleetguard FS19992 FS19993 oil-water separator
ECX-6578/326-1643/1R-0781/fs20007 FS20051 fs19968 fuel filter element
Model: ECX-6578
OEM number: 326-1644, 326-1641, 326-1641, FS20051, 1R-0781, FS19968, 326-1643, 2652322443, FS20007
Application: Caterpillar Carter excavator, bulldozer, compactor, Atlas Copco Atlas air compressor
Huasheng CX-6538/299-1893 fuel and diesel filter element for Caterpillar engine parts
Huasheng CX-6508/6754-71-6140/6754-71-6130/6754-79-6140 diesel filter element
Model: CX-6508
OEM number: 6754-71-6140,6754-71-6130,6754-79-6140,11LC70010
Application: Komatsu Komatsu, Hyundai modern excavators, loaders, road rollers, bulldozer engines
CX-6489/11110668/11110474/ Fleetguard FS19753 oil-water separator
CX-6476/23390-E0020/G58001105140C/ Fleetguard FF5688 diesel filter element
CX-6469/1R-0770/1R-0771/3261643/FS20007 oil-water separator
Huasheng CX-6467/ Fleetguard fs19594 diesel fuel filter oil-water separator
ECX-6464/16400GT301/ Fleetguard FS19816 fuel diesel oil-water separator
CX-6462/1R-0762/2651890444/ Fleetguard FF5624 diesel fuel filter element
CX-6461/600-319-3610/1214920H1/939404/FS1212 oil-water separator
Model: CX-6461
OEM number: 600-319-3610, 1214920H1, FS1212, VA32G6200100, 11NA71041, 939404,7381816,3308638, 57138554
Application: Komatsu, Kobelco, Hyundai, Dynapac, Liebherr, Liugong, Ingersoll Rand
CX-6460/600-311-4510/600-311-3410/ Fleetguard FS19946 diesel fuel filter
Model: CX-6460
OEM number: 600-311-4510, FS19946, 600-319-4540, 600-319-3440, 600-311-3410, 6003193440, 6003193400
Application: Komatsu Komatsu bulldozers, dump trucks, diesel engine parts
CX-6456/20788794 fuel and diesel filter element for Volvo roller parts
CX-6453/PL420/LFF9769/K1006529/1433649/FS19769 oil-water separator
CX-6443/20879812/ Fleetguard FS19920 oil-water separator
ECX-6437/5001853860/ Fleetguard FF5470 Fuel Diesel Filter Filter Element
ECX-6420/11LB-20310/ Fleetguard FS19532/FS19932 Fuel Diesel Oil-Water Separator
ECX-6417/4771702/ Fleetguard FS19737 fuel diesel oil-water separator
Model: ECX-6403
OEM number: 129907-55800, FF165, 600-311-7460, YM129907-55801, 12390755800, 14520542, 600-311-2110, R010002, 53C0104, FF166
Application: Komatsu Komatsu, Volvo Volvo, Liugong excavator, Yanmar Yanmar engine parts
ECX-6403/129907-55800/600-311-7460/ Fleetguard FF165 FF166 fuel filter
CX-6396/11ND70010/3104081/fs1041 diesel fuel filter oil-water separator
Model: CX-6396
OEM number: 11ND70010, fleetguard fs1041, 3104081
Application: Hyundai R800LC, 805LC excavator, Cummins QSX15 diesel engine
WDK725/CX-6394/51125030040/ Fleetguard fs19599 oil-water separator
CX-6391/1383100/79800039/26560145/FS19530 diesel fuel oil water separator
CX-6389/1596102/1383098/ Fleetguard FS19531/fs19832 oil-water separator
CX-6386/3889716/4377880/ Fleetguard fs1000 diesel fuel filter element
CX-6375/600-311-3111/4202934/7364590/ Fleetguard FS1006 fuel and diesel filter
CX-6353/864315/8643157/ Fleetguard FF5646 diesel fuel filter element
CX-6309/DX150/1119G030/T64101003/ Fleetguard ff5327 diesel fuel filter element
CX-6305/20430751/20976003/ Fleetguard FF5507 diesel fuel filter element
CX-6304/20514654/Fleetguard FS19735 diesel fuel oil-water separator
CX-6302/1R-0750/ Fleetguard FF5320 fuel and diesel filter element for Caterpillar 3306 engine
CX-6289/ Carter 1335673/ Fleetguard FS19591 FS19934 oil-water separator
CX-6253/1907539/ Fleetguard fs1254 diesel fuel oil water separator
CX-6224/23518482/25014342/TP916D/ Fleetguard FF5206 fuel and diesel filter element
CX-6222/TP915D/23518481/25, 014274/Fleetguard FF5207 diesel fuel filter element
CX-6216/1522143081/1522143080/Fleetguard FF42003/FF5226 diesel filter element
CX-6212/B222100000483/ME150631/ Fleetguard FF5375 Fuel and diesel filter element
CX-6197/RE525523/ Fleetguard FK48001/FS1091 diesel fuel filter element
CX-6196/1R-0751/1R-0759/ Fleetguard FF5324 diesel fuel filter filter element
CX-6188/1663143560/ Fleetguard FF5172 fuel and diesel filter element filter
Huasheng CX-6185/935696 diesel fuel filter filter element filter basketball for roller accessories
ECX-6420/11LB-20310/ Fleetguard FS19532/FS19932 Fuel Diesel Oil-Water Separator
CX-6180/4395946/6003112110/6003117460/ Fleetguard FF5114 Fuel Filter
Model: CX-6180
OEM number: 4395946, FF5114, C6003112110, C6003117460, 76595561, 94414796, 6003117441, 16403Z7000, 2330356031
Application: Komoatsu, Hitachi, GMC, Nissan, Toyota excavator truck parts
Model: CX-6164
OEM number: 1R-0749, 1R-0712, FF5319, FF5264, FF5817
Application: Caterpillar 245,375 excavators, D8L, D9N bulldozers, 980,988 loaders, 3406, 3408, C16C, C10, C18, C15 diesel engines, AD30 mining machinery and equipment
CX-6164/1R-0749/1R-0712/Fleetguard FF5319/FF5264/FF5817 diesel filter element
CX-6163/600-311-8291/600-311-8293/FF5253 diesel fuel oil-water separator
Model: CX-6163
OEM number: 600-311-8291, 600-311-8293, 6003118292, Fleetguard FF5253
Application: Komatsu Komatsu pc350 pc650 excavator wa470-5 loader diesel engine parts

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