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HDZ -12480A HDZ-22480A HDZ-22520
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ZYJ-220-66 HDZ-236 ZYJ66 HDZ-32307 HDZ-22520 HDZ-20502 HDZ-22080B HDZ-22480B HDZ-32520 ZYJ-68 HDZ-22880B HDZ-23580B HDZ-20901A(B) HDZ-21501A HDZ-20801AL HDZ- 22001B HDZ-27205GB HDZ-12006A ZYJ-64 HDZ-22410C ZYJ-59 HDZ-22003A ZYJ-66 HDZ-22405A HDZ-26005A ZYJ-53 HDZ-21004C HDZ-21803C Motor HDZ-10500 HDZ-20500 HDZ-10502 HDZ-20502 HDZ-10330 HDZ-20330 ZYJ61-1 HDZ-13020 HDZ-23020 HDZ-33020 HDZ-124130 HDZ-224130 HDZ-324130 HDZ-11000 HDZ-21000 HDZ-31000 HDZ-12409 HDZ-22409 HDZ-32409 HDZ-13609 HDZ- 23609 HDZ-33609 HDZ-13608 HDZ-23608 HDZ-33608 HDZ-12106 HDZ-22106 HDZ-32106 HDZ-12307 HDZ-22307 HDZ-32307 HDZ-12003 HDZ-22003 HDZ-32003 HDZ-13605 HDZ-23605 HDZ-33605 HDZ -12405 HDZ-22405 HDZ-32405 HDZ-120110 HDZ-220110 HDZ-320110 HDZ-11024 HDZ-21024 HDZ-27070 ZY66-CJ-A ZY68-CJ-B ZY53-CJ-DS 53ZY-CJ02 59ZY-CJ02 (VS1) HDZ-23570B HDZ-21001A HDZ-26005B HDZ-22408C HDZ-22050C HDZ-20800A HDZ-21806A HDZ-23603C HDZ-12560A HDZ-21503A HDZ-29003A HDZ-21703C HDZ-22503C HDZ-11803A HDZ-21803A HDZ-11003A HDZ- 2 1003A HDZ-11003A HDZ-10701A HDZ-20701A HDZ-11201A HDZ-21201A HDZ-11301A HDZ-21301A HDZ-31301A HDZ-22001A HDZ-12420 HDZ-22420 HDZ-32420 HDZ-12280B HDZ-22280B HDZ-12880B HDZ-22880A HDZ -12480A HDZ-22480A HDZ-22520
CK1 series contactor is a new type of contactor successfully produced by our factory. It is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of main contact to 66 0V, rated working current to 500A in power system to connect and disconnect circuit, and A suitable thermal overload relay or electronic protection device is combined into a motor starter to protect circuits that may be overloaded during operation (operation).
Contactor CK1-10A Contactor CK1-16A Contactor CK1-25A Contactor CK1-40A Contactor CK1-63A Contactor CK1-80A Contactor CK1-100A Contactor CK1-125A Contactor CK1-160A Contactor CK1-200A Contactor CK1-250A Contactor CK1-315A Contactor CK1-400A Contactor CK1-500A Contactor CK1-630A Contactor CK1-800A Contactor CK1-1000A
CK1-10A CK1-16A CK1-25A CK1-40A CK1-63A CK1-80A CK1-100A CK1-125A CK1-160A CK1-200A CK1-250A CK1-315A CK1-400A CK1-500A CK1-630A CK1-800A CK1- 1000A

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