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Green indicator NB8030-1
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Name Specification
generator exciter PCII
AC control module BM0521250022
Explosion-proof industrial control host(With cable and connector) JJK17-02M
Explosion-proof display(With cable and connector) JJK17-01T
Control Keyboard(With cable and connector) JJKN防爆视频监控系统
Explosion-proof camera(With cable and connector) JJK-01S(云台)
Explosion-proof camera(With cable and connector) JJK-01S
Explosion-proof camera(With cable and connector) JJK-01SQ
Camera cable(Both ends with connectors) 10M
Camera cable(Both ends with connectors) 5M
Explosion-proof video monitoring system control keyboard JJK Ⅱ
Drilling monitor decoder board JJK-01Z
Explosion-proof camera CBA814
24V Switching power supply ABL 2REM24045
Molded case circuit breaker MVS06N 630A
Molded case circuit breaker NSX 400F
Schneider  soft starter ATS48C14Q
LED Low dome light NFC9173  220V
Explosion-proof floodlight BTC6150/400W/220V
6R80  Silicon controlled TECHSEM  Y76KPHOT  15K00755
S7 300  Memory card 6ES7953-8LG20-0AA0 128K
two way switch APT LA39
AC contactor 3RT6027-1AQ00
AC contactor 3RT5036-1A 0
AC contactor 3RT6024-1AN20
thermal relay 3RU5136-4H60  40-50A
thermal relay 3RU6126-4DB0  20-25A
thermal relay 3RU6126-1JB0  7-10A
Plastic case circuit breaker DZ20Y-630/3300 380V AC 500A 3Phases
Plastic case circuit breaker CDM1-225M/4300
positive/negative switch HY2-60
Metal halide searchlight tube HPI-T PLUS 400W/220v/白光
IGNITOR S1 51 PLUS 400W/220V
BALAST BPI 400L 200TS/400W
axial flow fan CBF-400/250W/220V/1450R/M
Pneumatic pump QBY-50
F46  Diaphragm QBY-50
Explosion-proof electric self-priming pump 50FX-22A/380V/3000W
Explosion-proof electric self-priming pump 25FX-13DA/220V/750W
LED LAMP 超炫18W/220V/E27/6500K
LED embedded barrel light 3W/220V/4000K
LED  T8 LIGHT TUBE LED T8 20W/6500K/220V/1.2M
SOCKET  3K/15A/250V/GZ
SOCKET  3K/25A/250V/GZ
SOCKET  4K/15A/500V/GZ
SOCKET 4K/100A/500V/GZ
 SOCKET 4K/150A/500V/GZ
Movable SOCKET 4K/100A/500V/YZ
Movable SOCKET 4K/150A/500V/YZ
Movable SOCKET 5K/60A/500V/YZ
Movable SOCKET 5K/100A/500V/YZ
Movable SOCKET 5K/150A/500V/YZ
PLUG 3J/15A/500V/YT
PLUG 3J/25A/500V/YT
PLUG 4J/15A/500V/YT
 plug 4J/25A/500V/YT
PLUG 4J/60A/500V/YT
PLUG 4J/100A/500V/YT
PLUG 4J/150A/500V/YT
 plug 5J/60A/500V/YT
 plug 5J/100A/500V/YT
PLUG 5J/150A/500V/YT
DC switching power supply S-201-24
two way switch YH8097
Green indicator NB8030-1
red indicator NB8030-2
Derrick special explosion-proof fluorescent lamp HRY81-36*2
Derrick special explosion-proof fluorescent lamp HRY81-36*2J
Molded case circuit breaker ABB  SACE Tmax  630A
Potentiometer assembly 503600
Cup thermocouple 502100
Charging machine PB-600-24 
SOFT BVR cable 1.5MM² 蓝色
SOFT BVR cable 2.5MM² 蓝色
SOFT BVR cable 4MM²  蓝色
SOFT BVR cable 6MM²  蓝色
SOFT BVR cable 10MM² 蓝色
SOFT BVR cable 1.5MM² 黑色
SOFT BVR cable 2.5MM² 黑色
SOFT BVR cable 4MM²  黑色
SOFT BVR cable 6MM²  黑色
SOFT BVR cable 10MM² 黑色
SOFT BVR cable 1.5MM² 黄绿
SOFT BVR cable 2.5MM² 黄绿
SOFT BVR cable 4MM²  黄绿
SOFT BVR cable 6MM² 黄绿
SOFT BVR cable 10MM² 黄绿
SOFT BVR cable 1.5MM² 红色
SOFT BVR cable 2.5MM² 红色
SOFT BVR cable 4MM²  红色
SOFT BVR cable 6MM²  红色
SOFT BVR cable 10MM² 红色
temperature switch 50-300℃  16A/400V 6脚三进三出
waterproof Light control switch 220V/500W
safe rope 5mm*1M
safe rope 5mm*2M
Explosion-proof submerged pump 3KW/380V/2M/双管
Pneumatic pressure switch 20Pa-100Pa
Pneumatic pressure switch 50Pa-500Pa
Pneumatic pressure switch 100Pa-1000Pa


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