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Automation control and field bus
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Automation control and field bus
Automation control and field bus
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Automation control and field bus
Land&ocean drilling rig electrical control system
 Product Description

The driller operation control system
For data transmission through the PLC and profibus-dp bus, realize the winch, rotary table and mud pump and automatic control of the drill, and monitored by the industrial computer.Integrated driller operation control system adopts the positive pressure explosion-proof, meet APIRp500 specification.Has the trip and the traveling block position control, automatic drill with manual to send drill control, disc brake and braking energy control, rotary speed and torque control, mud pump pump speed control, electromechanical liquid gas PLC program control, etc.

The integration of instrument control system
Through the scene of the sensor, encoder, transmitter, such as acquisition unit, the various drilling parameters into the PLC, through calculation and operation, can be displayed on the touch screen, industrial control and remote terminal following drilling parameters: hanging weight, weight on bit, hole depth, rate of penetration, rotary speed, rotary torque, pump, pump, the mud pit level, export return amount, total pump time, traveling block position, tons/km and other parameters are derived. 
Block the touch control system
Through roller encoder and control system, realize the traveling block position automatic control, prevent the traveling block touch down on accident. 
The electromagnetic eddy current brake control system
By the brake control system, control the electromagnetic braking torque of eddy current brake, achieve smooth traveling block down.

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